EXMO wallet

Endy Callahan

In modern conditions, we need convenient tools for actions related to electronic money transfer. One of the tools that simplify financial activities is the EXMO e-wallet, which allows users to not only receive and transfer money, but also can exchange for other currencies, such as dollars, rubles, euros, and perform operations with the most popular cryptocurrencies.

EXMO.me Exchange is a well-known exchange platform that is particularly popular among traders and the entire crypto community in the CIS. Owing to a well-designed interface, ease of use of exchange instruments, and a large turnover of funds, today EXMO occupies a leading position among the top ten exchange resources around the world.

EXMO Coin history

The launch of the initial trading platform, ExMoney, took place in 2013. The exchange quickly gained momentum and developed dynamically, earning the trust of 100 thousand users in the first year of operation. Having improved the functionality of its exchanger to the level of the stock by 2015, the platform gained a position among the TOP 10 crypto exchanges in Europe. In early 2018, developers announced the launch of a crowd-sale of their currency – EXMOcoin (EXO).

EXMO initially announced the release of its token on December 1, 2017. The developers planned to raise up to $ 300 million on the crowd sale scheduled for April 26. However, in 2018, the EXMO exchange officially announced the rejection of the public stage of the ICO due to the positive dynamics of the exchange's financial indicators.

Current year, EXMO publicized a novel cashback in addition to the commission system which will reward users.

The advantages for investors

The developers offer such benefits:

  • Accumulation of dividends from the end of April 2018;
  • The growing cost of EXO and high demand for it;
  • Guaranteed token redemption by the exchange itself;
  • Availability of Insurance Fund.

Current month, EXMO revealed an innovative commission system as well as a cashback scheme that will reward buyers.

The set of fresh benefits for sellers on the exchange comprises:

  • Improved EXMO Cashback
  • Profitable commissions for motivated traders
  • Premium Cashback PRO plus100% discount
  • Competitive rates
  • Updated Premium Cashback
  • Integrated settings for stock makers
  • A surge of EXMO Token Coin value

How to register for EXMO Wallet

Registration is very simple and takes no more than 5 minutes. You need to come up with a username, enter your email address, and a complex password twice. After reading the terms of the user agreement and subscribing to the newsletter, you need to solve the captcha and click "Register". The user will be redirected to the exchange's "Accounts" section to Deposit funds. You will receive an email with a link to confirm and activate your account.

Security and Privacy

To protect your funds from hackers, EXMO Wallet offers two options:

  • Confirmation of login and actions with an SMS code;
  • Generation of temporary passwords using Google Authenticator.

Both methods can be used for full protection, including requesting confirmations when withdrawing funds to addresses saved in the "My accounts" list, or only for authorization on the site.

How to top up my EXMO Wallet?

Before you start working with the exchange's functionality, you need to top up your balance. EXMO accepts all cryptocurrencies submitted for trading. To enter coins, such as Bitcoins, in the "Wallet" section, find the BTC string, and click the "top up" button, then generate your unique exchange address to top up. You can use it to transfer funds from your wallet, online exchanges, or other crypto exchanges.

EXMO accepts payments in dollars, euros, rubles, and hryvnias. As a rule, funds are credited immediately.

How to withdraw funds from the e-wallet?

To transfer cryptocurrency funds to the wallet, to another exchange, or currency exchange service, the user must click the "Withdraw" button in the "Wallets" section in the place of the desired currency. The conditions for transferring funds are individual for each type of asset. For example, to withdraw Bitcoins, the minimum transaction amount is 0.01 BTC, and the fixed commission is 0.001 BTC.

Commission for transactions and cashback

For users who operate with large amounts, EXMO offers a system for refunding part of the commission fees paid. The amount is calculated based on the volume of transactions performed during the month. To calculate cashback, transactions on any currency pairs are taken into account (in terms of BTC). Bonus funds are credited only in BTC on the 1st day of each month.

EXMO Wallet Perspectives

EXMO crypto exchange is a reliable and time-tested resource that allows users to easily convert their funds to tokens or vice versa. EXMO Wallet allows you to earn money from trading, maintaining a decent turnover of funds, and attracting novel users. The platform offers a sufficient number of currency pairs for trading, adding only promising, and proven assets. The level of security of accounts allows you to store earned funds for a long time.

The development team will not stop there, as evidenced by the launch of its own currency EXMOcoin, the funds from the sale of which will be partially invested in the development of the exchange itself. In line with experts' forecasts, the EXO coin has great growth prospects, so it is attractive to investors of various scales.