Experienced users rating of cryptocurrencies

Endy Callahan

Before using any exchange and sharing his data with it, each trader should first check the key points of his potential choice. The volume of trading, the complexity of verification, the size of commissions and the number of instruments for trading are very important.In addition, many traders pay attention to user convenience, technical reliability, and other technical aspects.

Here are four trading platforms that have proven themselves among users, have an excellent reputation and have good performance.


The platform was created back in 2003. It works only with bitcoins and allows you to use many interesting trading tools (for example, bitcoin futures). One of the main features of Bitmex is trading with leverage. You increase your position at the expense of funds that you borrow from the exchange for a small commission. So you can get many times more profit from each movement of the rates.

At the moment, the announced trading volume on the platform is $ 3.3 billion. Numerous guides are written on trade on this platform, and users continue to actively register on it. 

It is also should be mentioned that the exchange cares about security. Bitmex uses the so-called cold wallets that do not require an Internet connection.


The daily trading volume on it is about $ 900 million. After exchanges were banned in China, Binance moved to Hong Kong.

Key benefits of Binance:

  • Leading positions in trading volume.
  • A large number of trading pairs.
  • High transaction speed.
  • Low commissions
  • Own coin BNB, which gives advantages to its holders. 

One of the oldest exchanges that treat its users with great attention. It regularly holds airdrops, lotteries to participate in investments, IEO and other activities. It also has a convenient referral system


Once a very popular platform in China, which has suffered because of the country's policy regarding cryptocurrencies. The exchange was closed, but very soon revived in a new quality - under the brand Huobi.Pro, which is registered in Japan.

Benefits of Huobi:

  • New tokens quickly appear on the exchange - this should please all altcoin lovers.
  • Convenient tools for trading. Various options for displaying charts, placing limit and market orders, tracking transactions. Of course, this does not mean much to beginners, but in the future, when you gain experience, you will be able to appreciate these functions. 

This cryptocurrency exchange is very concerned about the security of its users - 98% of the funds are stored in cold wallets, and verification will be required for trading. In addition, Huobi has a good defense against attacks.

The exchange is used by traders from 130 countries, and the total value of the assets under its management is more than $ 700 million. It also worths to note a low commission - only 0.2%.


KuCoin developers have found their way to attract people to the project. While exchanges like Binance are focused on trading volumes, the KuCoin team decided to bet on a loyal and attentive attitude to each user.


  • Also, like Binance, it has its cryptocurrency - KCS.
  • Support works 24/7 and will always help users solve existing problems.
  • Very quick withdrawal of funds (according to the developers, no more than 10 minutes)
  • User-friendly interfaceThe exchange also has its mobile application.

The daily trading volume is around the mark of $ 250 million. A very careful attitude to customers and prompt resolution of any technical issues. Now the site is slightly behind in terms of liquidity but is trusted by traders.