Female Interest in Crypto Has Increased

Endy Callahan

Blockchain and crypto are two spheres where we see plenty of men. However, this year the number of women willing to enter the cryptocurrency industry has also increased. Males used to dominate the market, but this phenomenon is steadily changing – the surge makes of a hundred and sixty percent makes us believe the change is visible.

The percentage of females in the crypto community rose by more than forty-three between January and April. The data vary from area to area and we are ready to look into the main factors that influenced the tendency.

More Investments in BTC from Women

Last year one of the operators published statistics showing that forty-three percent of those investing in BTC are females. This is thirteen percent higher than in 2019. At present, the financial situation is rather tight and the world’s population has begun to trust real estate, crypto, and gold. Researchers believe that women are not overly optimistic about the current economy and this is why they see crypto as a solution this year. Digital assets may seem safer than any other sorts of investments for most.

Investment opportunities are attractive and the market welcomes women to enter the world of digital money and get incomes through dealing with BTC. Crypto demand is steadily increasing. BTC has doubled in value and the process took just two months. The great event – halving – is another trigger that drew a greater number of newcomers to the market. More than that, analysts revealed that women master the basic skills and learn to foresee the changes and fluctuations.

Trading Is a Great Activity for Females

Bithumb is one of the exchanges who have noticed a thirty-percent growth in the number of female customers this year. Women are less reserved and they are ready to invest in BTC. Some may need to learn more about the volatility of the crypto and the technical aspect of the system. However, they do understand that Bitcoin can serve as an alternative, and investing in it may lead to success. The traditional economy and securities do not look reliable enough now that the world is to restore after the pandemic. Women open accounts and actively explore new possibilities.

Another exchange that has witnessed an increase in female participants is CEX.io. More and more platforms are ready to confirm the fact and EXMO is glad that this tendency is global. Ages vary between 18 and 44 and some of them admit that many start to trade thanks to other family members and friends.

CoinCorner reports on the growth of female users too and reports the numbers – their increase is even higher than they had predicted before the beginning of the year. All in all, the numbers of females that are eager to sign up and trade on digital exchanges are likely to grow in the nearest future.

OKCoin offers its services to both genders and all age groups. The brand has confirmed that there is an eighty-percent rise in female traffic. Almost half of them are new members and their ages vary between 25 and 34.

Bitfinex’s growth rate of new female participants has increased one hundred and sixty-two percent, which illustrates a real interest in BTC among females.

User-Friendliness in Crypto

Blockchain technology keeps changing and improving. Its adoption, along with crypto use, makes the number of females desiring to master this sphere increase. Some exchanges keep track of ages as well as occupations of their customers. Most of the people who deal with trading work as economists. There are also plenty of lawyers and accountants. Cryptocurrencies that women use make their lives more convenient. Crypto is great for online shopping – as a buyer, one can pay for everyday purchases without leaving home.