Forcerank Application Overview

Endy Callahan

Forcerank mobile application was created by developers of the Estimize platform. Although it was launched relatively recently, a well-proven developer inspires confidence in the success of this project.

Key Specifics of Forcerank

Forcerank is a stripped-down version of Estimize. It is built in the form of a game, the application will help you get acquainted with the markets and understand them well. The program has a competition function - users can make their predictions and see who was more accurate.

As of today, the Estimize community includes over 87,000 analysts, investors, and traders. All of them have wide knowledge in the financial sector. In collaboration with the platform, the best consensus forecast is formed. According to the company, in more than 70% of cases, expectations are more accurate than from qualified sell-side experts.

As of now, the company has decided to focus on developing the Estimize community. In order not to spray, it decided to turn off Forcerank. If you still need a program for your phone, in the article "Top Mobile Applications for Traders" you will find an overview of the most popular.

Estimize - Platform for Financial Estimations

Estimize was launched in 2011. Its goal is to collect forecast financial estimates from independent experts (scientists, investors, analysts from sellers and buyers). Receiving information from different user groups, the system develops a forecast with increased accuracy.

The company covers over 2200 shares and dozens of economic indicators quarterly. All Estimize members have free access. They are expected to provide reliable information about themselves and a desire to make accurate forecasts. The system uses various machine learning and human analysis algorithms. Users can familiarize themselves with the information provided and expert assessments, based on which people can draw their own conclusions and make their own decisions.

Consensus analyzes and forecasts are periodically published by editions such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNN Money, and many others. The Estimize service is used by institutional managers, market participants who use short and long strategies, as well as macro investors. Users can purchase datasets and factor models through API / FTP online or via e-mail.

Forcerank's mobile app has helped many traders and investors to make successful trades. Its developers decided to focus on the main project - Estimize. The open area over the years has won the trust of experts. We recommend you to register on it and start using it. The application is free and allows its users to get acquainted with highly accurate consensus forecasts. You can verify this yourself by monitoring their performance.