Judy Rubio

The crypto industry is infamous for big capitalization of some coins. The successful development of cryptocurrency brings its owners and investors a huge profit. What about GlobalCoin? What future awaits this coin and how much it can earn?

There are a lot of reasons to get behind cryptocurrencies. Bloggers, enthusiasts, investors say that transparency, protection from inflation, confidentiality of operations, ease of use and low fees, independency of state are the reasons people come into the business. But let's be honest: everybody wants to multiply their investment and level up. Let’s explore the cryptocurrency GlobalCoin, aka Libra, through the prism of prospects and return on investment.

GlobalCoin principle of operation

If you look at the root, Facebook has launched not one, but two cryptocurrencies: Libra and Libra investment token. The first is publicly available; the second can be obtained only by corporate partners of the company. National currencies of different countries and cash equivalents are used to provide Libra. In theory, this means that for every available coin token, there is a value of real assets and they can be exchanged. Read more about the Facebook cryptocurrency in the article «What is Libra?".

Thus, for $ 10 you can buy Libra for the same amount. Cryptocurrency can be used on different platforms, sent to friends or spent on services. Libra spends users ' funds on short-term investments with minimal risk. For example, it can be American treasuries. According to them, the company receives an income of more than 2% per year. I. e. each thousand dollars of users brings additional profit in 20 dollars.

Libra Investors

Libra controls and manages the money for which investors purchased the coins. In accordance with the "white paper", money is first spent on the operation of the network, after which it is distributed among the owners of investment tokens in proportion to their share.

 To be a member of the Association, it is necessary to make investments in the amount of at least $ 10 million. Voting is carried out by "special influence groups". They are chosen by the Association. Group members are not required to purchase Libra tokens.

 Early investors are large venture capital and technology organizations that are able to make investments in the amount of $ 10 million. As soon as the tokens begin paying dividends, it will be regarded as a success. At this stage, the project will become especially popular, and crypto assets will grow in price.

Return on investment

At the early stage of Libra development it is rather difficult to make any predictions. There are still many risks and uncertainties. What will happen if investments in cryptocurrency reach $ 1 billion (for successful coins this is a very small figure), and revenues on government bonds remain the same? The annual revenue of the coin can reach $ 7 billion, and the return on investment is more than 688%.

The specified income will be received not by Libra coin owners, but by token owners. The first group is very large, and its investments in the amount of many times exceed the investments of the second group. But the latter will be able to receive super profits from the portfolio of instruments with minimal risks.

 With a right approach, investments in GlobalCoin can bring a lot of yield. Yet the future of Libra investment token looks much more promising. Therefore, if you have an opportunity to become a major investor, be sure to consider it. If not, you can try to invest the available amount of money in the cryptocurrency GlobalCoin. So you will gain experience in investing and experience more joy from the success of Facebook digital coin.