Harubank: Celebration of a Milestone of Achievements in Its First Year

Colin Baseman

The world of crypto-asset depository services is experiencing a paradigm shift with the introduction of different digital asset finance models and applications. HaruBank, a blockchain-based platform that facilitates digital asset depository services, is one of the ecosystems that have experienced tremendous success since its inception one year ago. HaruBank is celebrating its first year of inception, and one of the highlights of the celebration is the successful transaction in volumes of more than $30,000,000. Furthermore, the announcement about the significant funding has been an indicator of the commitment to make HaruBank’s ecosystem a better one, while also improving on its delivery of investment opportunities in digital assets for both experienced and beginner investors alike.

Overview: 12 Months in Business

In its first year as a financial entity in digital asset investments, HaruBank’s Annual Growth Index has indicated that the company enjoyed unprecedented growth. According to the index, the company’s popularity and global presence have increased; HaruBank has seen the number of users worldwide grow by about 1000% within its first year, and this year’s deposits have also enjoyed exponential growth of more than 450%. These statistics are clear indicators that the platform’s reputation is building, especially within the crypto community.

Reputable Partnerships

Apart from its amazing performance within its first year, HaruBank is working tirelessly to ensure that long-term stability and security is achieved and secure. For users to continue enjoying the profitable and competitive rates for deposit and lockup, the company has gone into partnerships with crypto asset management firms of high repute. These firms had to go through HaruBank’s stringent selection processes before getting picked, and the criteria include:

  • Staff must be a minimum of 4 members who are vast in algorithmic trading.
  • Each firm must have a minimum annual trading volume of $100,000,000.
  • Each firm must provide a minimum trading history of 18 months.
  • Profits that are above industry average, as well as low volatility must be presented by the firms.

The Future

There are different questions that trail the success of HaruBank’s first year in business, questions like “What’s next?” Starting in late August, there will be a major rebrand of Haru, which will function as a conglomerate of different services. Furthermore, HaruBank intends to launch its mobile app at the end of the year.

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