Holochain platform overview

Colin Baseman

Holochain crypto project was among the few ones to achieve tremendous success in a relatively short period of time. Its authors took care that the coins were not left in one hand. The tokens were distributed among investors for this purpose.

Holochain Development 

Alpha version of the project was released in second quarter of 2018. In subsequent stages, the developers have set the following goals for themselves:

  • organize cryptographic network testing within 2000 hosts;
  • run the main applications and tools that will ensure the crypto network stability and reliability;
  • check cryptocurrency network security indicators,  implement the  improvements;
  • support 100 thousand hosts;
  • launch of the III alpha version of the project;
  • conduct financial transactions with the use of Holo Fuel technology;
  • performing 100 million operations as part of testing;
  • Holochain beta version launch

The project’s developers note that it can be actively used in the following industries:

  • reducing the terms of commodity supply chains creation;
  • improving security and anonymity settings for Peer-to-peer platforms;
  • optimizing social networks;
  • creating a secure digital network for commercial structures;
  • creating joint software tools.

Holochain advantages

Experts are mentioning the following advantages of the project: 

  • high security of transactions;
  • quick custom environment creation;
  • high speed of conducting and confirming transactions due to the use of advanced solutions in network structure formation;
  • full decentralization does not allow any interference into cryptographic system functioning by outsiders, alongside with its creators;
  • privacy of participants in the system;
  • successful initial tokens placement reported a high interest in the project among crypto community members.

These advantages favorably distinguish the Holochain platform from other projects, most of which simply copy Bitcoin or Ethereum ("What is Ethereum?" article tells the details about this cryptocurrency).

Holochain disadvantages

The platform has the following weaknesses: 

  • Prolonged system testing and its full version postponed launch. This does not allow providing users with a full set of tools and is limiting the platform’s potential.
  • Weak marketing promotion does not allow perceiving the project as a serious player, that is being able to push positions of direct competitors in the field of cryptocurrencies.
  • There are similar projects on the market that allow traders, investors and users to implement the same conceptual and technical solutions.
  • No options of mining cryptocurrency. This significantly limits the capabilities of the cryptographic platform.

As you can see, the startup still has to challenge a lot, in case it is indeed determined to achieve its ambitious goals. At the very early stages the project has experienced a powerful development. Further success will depend on the developer’s actions. Such platforms are attractive in terms of investment. They have a good prospective for future growth. Therefore, if you are building a cryptocurrency portfolio, consider including HOLO coins in it. And keep in mind risk management to control the losses in case of failure.