Kraken Bitcoin Exchange review

Endy Callahan

Kraken Bitcoin Exchange is an American cryptocurrency exchange that allows trading Bitcoin. In terms of liquidity and volume in euros. The company was incorporated in 2011 in San Francisco with headquarters based in California. It can be used for making investments and performing trading operations. The "Bitcoin to buy or to sell" article describes two ways of earnings on the cryptocurrency.

Features of working with Kraken Bitcoin Exchange 

Account verification

To make a deposit, trade and withdraw money from the account, the user must go through verification successfully. There are 4 levels in total:

  • Level 1. The ability to deposit and withdraw from the account only in cryptocurrency. Trading operations can be made with fiat money.
  • Level 2. Deposits, trading and withdrawals are available in cryptocurrency. For some countries, the same operations with fiat money are allowed as well.
  • Level 3. Deposits and cashing can be made in fiat. Funding limits are increased. The third level allows trading with the leverage.
  • Level 4. Funding limits are increased. Corporate and individual accounts are available to users as well. To open the first one, you need to contact customer support. To register an individual account, you must sign an application form and prepare KYC documents.

The fees for trading operations

The transaction fee is charged from each side. For the consumer it is 0.26%, for the manufacturer - 0.16%. With trades amount increase, the fees get lower. The minimum fee for the buyer is 0.10%, for the manufacturer - 0%.

Easy operation 

The platform is perfect for both: trading beginners as well as professionals. The service offers various templates, simple and advanced ones, for anyone to choose the best option depending on their purposes. The official trading platform is developed for iOS; the Android version was developed by Bitrocket IT.


Crypto exchange offers its clients about a dozen of different cryptographic currencies; direct transactions with all available pairs can also be performed if desired. There are 5 currencies available for fiat money.

The platform does not trade futures and derivatives; it offers the same functions as the Forex market. Its clients have access to margin trading, limit orders, extended orders with certain triggers and short positions.

Kraken Bitcoin Exchange has already been working for many years. During this time it has earned its reputation. Thousands of traders are using this platform. It is simple, convenient and provides with extensive functions. Instant transaction conduction avoids money losses. Why not register there and try trading on the stock exchange yourself? This is an easy thing to do, though you will need to pass verification. The first levels can be obtained almost immediately upon submitting the documents.