KuCoin overview

Judy Rubio

Many achievements of KuCoin exchange are highly appreciated by the users. For example, it allows trading with more than 1000 coins. In addition, the exchange informs users about currency pairs to be added soon. Developers offer using trading applications for iOS or Android.

KuCoin exchange features

There is a permanent fee of 0.1% on the platform for all transactions. The exchange also charges a fee for the deposit withdrawal, which depends on the cryptographic currency. The commissions for each currency can be found in the table on the company's website.

The exchange has released its own Kucoin Shares tokens. They are available to all its users. You may get passive income for simply having these tokens. During the ICO, developers have distributed the assets in the following way:

  • 70 million tokens were left for themselves. It will be possible to use them only after 2021.
  • 30 million coins sold to corporate investors and consultants. They became available to use in 2019.
  •  Almost 100 million coins were offered on the croudsale. These tokens have no time limits. 

The KCS coin takes about 50th place by capitalization ($390 million) according to Coinmarketcap top-list. The altcoin price is approximately $ 4.33. You may read about alternative cryptocurrencies in "What is altcoin?" article.

Referral program

Crypto exchange is looking for partners who would help in finding new customers. It is ready to pay 90% of the income received from commissions for this. This applies not only to referrers, but also to users who store KCS tokens in their accounts.

KuCoin offers a three-level program to the customers:

  • Level 1. Inviting customers. Reward – 20% of the commission paid to the broker.
  • Level 2. New clients invited by an invited client. Affiliate gets 12%.
  • Level 3. Users, invited by level-two customers. Referral reward is 8%. 

In total, the broker is ready to pay 40% of the commission charged.

KuCoin exchange advantages

The platform distinguishes by a high speed of orders processing. The terminal processes up to 2 million applications in one second. Funds in the users’ wallets are securely protected since there is a multi-level security system for them. The variable keys encryption technology is used for such purposes.

An important advantage of the exchange is a wide range of currencies. This makes it possible to significantly diversify the portfolio. The standard fee is 0.1%, though in case there are tokens on the account, the fees are reduced by 2 times and reach 0.05%. The deposit and withdrawal speed is remarkable. The money reaches the account within just 1-2 minutes after it was sent, and the withdrawal is done within 10 minutes.

KuCoin platform has received a lot of positive feedbacks from users. It does not require verification and is easy to use. The users are attracted by numerous advantages, such as user-friendliness and no verification required. If you want to buy cryptocurrency or start trading, you should definitely try KuCoin. We are sure that this exchange will become one of your favorite ones on the Internet.