Noah coin review course and prospects

David Kemp

NOAH Coin is based on ERC-20 standard, supported by Ethereum blockchain. Now the total amount of coins circulating is 33 billion, though the maximum is set to 91.58 billion. Cryptocurrency was developed to be used in certain areas.

Key features of Noah Coin project

The goal of the project is to create a social structure, based on blockchain technology. It was created to help the Filipino migrant workers who regularly moved to Japan for such purposes. Developing money transfer system, financial transactions and social support are the main objectives of the project.

The cryptocurrency’s roadmap states it has been developed for the following areas:  

  • Economy. The platform significantly reduces the money transfer transaction fees specifically for transactions from Japan to Philippines. The annual amount of such transfers reaches $ 26 billion, which is one tenth of the Philippine economy. They expect the service lets the users pay for insurance policy, training, utilities and other services with the help of the coin.
  • Tourism and recreation. The Noah City project is aimed at building wide range of hotels, casinos and entertainment centers. The coin will be used as city’s internal currency. At this moment, NOAH Coin is already a means of payment in the hotel complex Dakak Beach Resort.
  • Agriculture.  The farmers can already distribute their budget, control production and sales and make payment with the help of NOAH Coin.

Cryptocurrency’s prospects

The main drawback of the project is its narrow focus, since Noah Coin’s target audience is Filipinos migrant workers. The developers are planning to expand the market beyond Japan and Philippines. In case Noah City project succeeds, the coin, being a means of payment, will be considered to be even more attractive.

The final issue of 91 billion coins brings us some worries. It remains unclear why such big coins amount is required, since NOAH Coin is focused exclusively on local infrastructure. All this proves the ambiguity of coin’s perspectives. Its future vitally depends on the resort’s infrastructure development. In this case, investing in coin allows one to get a significant profit.

NOAH Coin is quite an impressive project. The coin’s narrow specialization is both: its advantage and disadvantage. It is based on exciting ideas. However, the coin’s future mainly depends on resort town’s successful development. Which is why that is the project’s big drawback. And this is a big drawback of the whole project. When forming an investment crypto portfolio, NOAH Coin can be considered to be included in it. The coin may see a significant price increase, as a result leading to its owner’s reasonable profits.