Overview of popular crypto exchanges

Colin Baseman

Before choosing the best platform for trading, we recommend that you read the checklist of a competent investor. The information in this article will help you avoid most errors.

Choosing a trading platform, you need to consider a large number of factors:

  • Community trust level
  • Safety of use
  • Liquidity (trading volume)
  • Transaction speed
  • Commission amount
  • Number of trading pairs, etc.

Of course, one should consider such features as a user-friendly interface, a mobile application, support service and other technical aspects. It is very important not to neglect these factors, as in case of overload or technical problems, the exchange may incorrectly execute your orders or close the withdrawal of funds, which may lead to losses on your part. Do your due diligence before dealing with a trading platform.

Without a doubt, trading platforms that successfully keep all these indicators on top are highly appreciated by users. In this article we will introduce you to the 3 most popular exchanges among the crypto community.


Trading volume for the month: $286.6 billion

Number of trading pairs: 187

The largest trading platform of the month is based in Singapore. The main advantages include:

  • Commission system with 80% cashback.
  • Mining support
  • Trading margin
  • Developed referral system
  • Convenient and clear site
  • Highly secure

We can say that BitMax is already in the third generation of trading platforms. It was created in 2018, though it easily got ahead of their colleagues. Of course, all the described advantages played a role - and as a result, the platform is used by more than 100,000 people. Moreover, not only users believe in the exchange, but also investors - such giants as FBG, Bitmain, SEQUOIA Capital, GBIC have already invested in it.


Monthly trading volume: $25.9 billion

Number of trading pairs: 472

A division of the major Chinese exchange OKCoin, which was founded in 2014 in Hong Kong. Main advantages:

  • Trading margin up to X20
  • Futures trading is possible
  • A very large number of trading pairs
  • Good level of security
  • Very low fees
  • Many instruments (indicators, indices, price display)

Quite a classic functional platform, which is popular not only for all these reasons, but also because of its impenetrable protection. In all its years of operation, OKEX has never been hacked.


Trading volume for the month: $25.8 billion

Number of trading pairs: 568

One of the first crypto exchanges, which still steadily holds its place in the top. After China banned the platform to trade cryptocurrency, Binance moved to Hong Kong.

The main advantages of Binance:

  • A large number of trading pairs
  • Decent transaction speed
  • Low commission
  • Own coin BNB, which allows you to save on commissions and participate in IEO
  • Trading margin

It became the first exchange to disable new users registrations in the peak of cryptocurrency market at the end of 2017. Staff was unable to keep up with the pace of application reviews. Today, it allows you not only to trade cryptocurrency, but also to participate in the IEO process, in which you can buy tokens of new projects that are soon being listed.

In this article we explored the pros and cons of the titans among the crypto exchangers.

We are not limiting your choices in any way. However, liquidity and reliability have already attracted hundreds of thousands of traders to Bitmax, OKEX and Binance. In order to consider all the popular platforms, we recommend you to read our article "Rating of the most popular platforms for cryptocurrency trading for all time. Detailed review".