Rating of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms of all time

Endy Callahan

Cryptocurrencies have become an important part of modern life. Some use them to pay for goods and services, while others when transferring money to relatives or paying loans. Market participants play on the change of quotations in order to make a profit. For conducting such transaction the trader would need to exchange fiat to digital money or one cryptocurrency to another. For this purpose, special platforms have been developed.

TOP English-language cryptocurrency exchanges

№1. Bittrex

Cryptocurrency exchange is based in the United States; it is fully regulated by American laws. The platform is highly appreciated for having a fully reliable website (definitely no freezes or errors) with more than 200 currency pairs.

Many consider Bittrex to be the World's best cryptocurrency exchange. The platform has a convenient trading interface for both desktop computers and mobile devices. Large trading volumes make the exchange rate as close as possible to the real one.

№2. Poloniex

The platform supports a large number of coins. Though, there are some inconveniences connected to obligatory deep account verification. The customers claim user experience is pretty convenient.  A significant portion of customer deposits cold storage ensures maximum security. Their qualified technical support helps to efficiently sort out any issues.

The exchange has a pleasant and convenient trading interface. It is designed separately for computers and mobile devices. There are two main disadvantages: the platform does not let you withdraw fiat and the maximum daily withdrawal amount is 2 thousand dollars.

№3. Coinbase

The exchange has been operating since 2012. Its investment valuation is more than $ 1 billion. The site is located in San Francisco, California. It serves both - as an exchange platform, as well as an e-wallet.

Coinbase has developed an iOS app that is being actively downloaded in Europe and the United States. The exchange allows depositing and withdrawing fiat money from various payment systems. There are already more than 4.8 million active users. The work of the platform is conducted in full compliance with the current legislation, users must provide their personal data.

№4. CEX.IO

The company was incorporated in 2013, initially it was a cloud computing provider. Over time, it was converted into a cryptocurrency exchanger. The platform allows withdrawing fiat money to bank cards.

CEX.IO supports trading operations through mobile app, website, REST API and WebSocket. The Playground is user-friendly, which is perfect for beginners. Allows you to enter US dollars, pounds sterling, euros and Russian rubles, as well as various cryptocurrencies.

№5. GDAX

Is a platform for professional trading owned by Coinbase. It is a perfect solution for traders. The platform has good liquidity. Deposits can be made in US dollars. Many consider this platform the best for serious players. The exchange is focused mainly on traders from the United States.

№6. Bitstamp

The European exchange has been operating since 2011. It is great for those who appreciate reliability. The platform is known for large trading volumes. Deposits can be made in US dollars and euros. The platform was specialized exclusively in bitcoin transactions till 2017, when they started adding altcoins.

The exchange is easy to use, beginners will easily understand it. HQ is located in Luxembourg. Only users from the United States and Europe can bid.

№7. Bitfinex

One of the best platforms for trading ВТC/dollar. The average daily trading volume for this pair is a billion dollars. The platform provides users with a huge number of order types. You can use margin trading. 

Only invited users can create an account in there. There are speculations that the platform is guilty of overestimating the rate of bitcoin and manipulating rates. The main reason is traders experiencing huge losses because of its sharp fluctuations. The major disadvantages are issues with fiat operations (deposits and withdrawals), as well as difficulties in passing verification.

№8. Binance

The trading platform is relatively young. It quickly gained popularity. It uses advanced software solutions that allow executing 1.4 million orders per second. Binance attracts customers with its user focus.

Another advantages of the exchange are interest calculation for NEO cryptocurrency storage and low transaction fees (only 0.1%), as well as a wide range of cryptocurrency pairs to choose from. Good choice of the cryptocurrency pairs. The platform allows you withdrawing up to 2 bitcoins daily without account verification. Once your identity is verified, the restrictions are lifted.

№9. HitBTC

The European exchange was registered in 2013 with a venture capital of 6 million euros. The distinctive features of the platform are the use of a modern coordination mechanism, friendly user service and a wide range of support for blockchain solutions.

The trading platform allows transactions with tokens, cryptocurrencies and ICO. Its advantages are stability and long uptime, as well as an extensive list of tools. The core-compatible engine enables real-time cleaning, and the platform performs other advanced functions.

The advantages of the exchange include a low fee, no restrictions on depositing and withdrawing from the deposit, good security. There are fewer pairs of altcoins than on the other platforms.

№10. Gemini

The owners of the American trading platform are the Winklevoss brothers, the first bitcoin billionaires. The platform is used to determine the futures value of bitcoin. So far, it is only available in the United States. 

The New York Stock Exchange is fully regulated. It is used by both individuals and organizations. The New York state Department of financial services protects users' interests and assets. The advantage of the platform is high requirements for reserved capital and compliance with the standards of Bank obligations.

№11. OKEX

The platform provides an opportunity to make transactions of purchase/sale of futures on cryptocurrency. Users can use the margin trading mode with a minimum fee. Windows, Mac, iOS and Android apps are available. Web-version of the site supports all its functions.

OKEX has a large trading volume. Usually during the day, the amount of transactions is about 165 thousand bitcoins. The platform supports more than 400 trading pairs. Without account verification, you can withdraw up to 2 bitcoins per day. 

№12. Huobi 

The Chinese exchange came under the jurisdiction of Japan due to restrictions in their country. It now has offices in Singapore and South Korea. The branch in the United States was registered to fight financial crimes. The platform is actively moving towards its main goal, the launch of a cryptocurrency platform that will work separately from Huobi Pro and will be aimed at American investors. 

The trading platform supports many trading pairs. It has proved to be a good tool for trading. However, the exchange sets a large fee on transactions. The trader can use the functional web version or download the application on Mac, Windows, iOS or Android.

№13. Bitstamp

The British cryptocurrency exchange was launched in 2011. It has offices in London, New York and Luxembourg. The Deposit can be replenished with cryptocurrencies, international transfers, as well as transfers from VISA/MasterCard cards. The transaction fee ranges from 0.1% to 0.25%. The exact value depends on the trading volume.

The advantages of the exchange are a large trading volume, work under license, support for SEPA and Bank transfers.To fund the account, the user must first verify it. The platform works with a very small number of currency pairs.

№14. Kraken

The center of the international cryptocurrency exchange is located in San Francisco (USA). It is the largest in terms of trading volume in Euros. The trading platform supports a wide range of currency pairs, it can compete with Poloniex on this indicator.

Users can trade with leverage. This allows you to make large transactions with a relatively small amount of money in the account. Customers can use the web version or download a special application to their mobile device. To get the full functionality you should pass the verification.

№15. Bit-Z

The Chinese exchange has opened a representative office in ten countries. It presents 205 trading pairs. Daily trading volume exceeds $ 1 billion. Withdrawals are fast, up to 5 minutes. The high-speed engine can handle millions of operations per second. Technical support serves customers around the clock without holidays and weekends.

Verification is required for withdrawal. Standard allows you to cash out up to 2 bitcoins per day, extended one - up to 50 bitcoins. Fiat currencies are not supported. The platform offers its own token BZ.

№16. Bitflyer

One of the largest crypto exchanges for bitcoin, which operates in Japan, the USA and Europe. There are 34 branches in America. Transactions for the year exceed $ 100 billion. It allows you to purchase Bitcoin with US dollars. Deposits can be replenished with Fiat and cryptographic currencies. The platform offers users a wide range of tools for trading.

№17. Bibox 

The Chinese exchange opened a representative office in the USA, Estonia, Canada, Hong Kong and Japan. Clients have access to 150 trading pairs. Unverified users can withdraw up to 2 bitcoins per day. The Fee for trading operations is 0.1%. If you pay with your own Bix token, you get a 50 percent discount. Users can download the app for iOS and Android. The platform supports referral system.

№18. Bitmex 

The exchange does not trade cryptocurrencies themselves, but derivative instruments-contracts. It is known for large daily turnover, the platform provides reliable storage of the user's cryptocurrency. During its work, since 2014 there has been no hacking or theft of customer funds. User verification is optional.

The deposit can be replenished with cryptocurrency, Fiat money is not supported. Exchange allows you to work with a leverage up to x 100. There are no restrictions on withdrawals. Demo trading mode is available.

№19. BitForex 

The international exchange has offices in more than 100 different countries. It received a license to provide services in the European Union. Mandatory certification is not required. The platform processes over 1.6 million transactions per second. It does not charge fees from makers. For takers, it is only 0.1% of the trade amount. 

Users can trade cryptocurrencies, futures, tokens and other financial instruments. Coins can be bought with transfers from MasterCard and Visa. Account can be protected by binding to e-mail, password, phone number and 2FA.

№20. BW

The exchange is among the 15 largest in the world in terms of trade turnover. Users do not need to pass verification. They can work with more than a hundred assets, including rare and new cryptocurrencies. Deposits and withdrawals are supported only in digital coins.

Users can withdraw up to 120 bitcoins. The trading fee is only 0.1%. IOS and Android apps are available.


The exchange provides an opportunity for anonymous trading. It supports over 300 exchange directions. Users are provided with the Trading view platform with a huge number of professional charting tools.

Clients' assets are securely protected. Technical support works around the clock and quickly comes to the aid of users.

№22. Livecoin

The exchange supports depositing and withdrawing in US dollars. The user interface is user-friendly and simple. Traders have access to a large number of currency pairs.

It offers a high level of security. This is achieved through the use of two-factor authentication and data encryption.

№23. ‘eToro’

The platform is designed for trade and investment. The exchange was registered in the UK, Cyprus and Israel. The platform allows you to perform operations with cryptocurrency, stocks, stock indices, gold and other commodities. It claims itself to be social network of investors.

№24. Plus 500

The trading platform allows you to enter into contracts for differences in cryptographic and conventional currencies, stocks and indices. Registration was made in the UK, Australia, Cyprus and Singapore. Allows you to use a demo account.

The minimum Deposit is 100 euros. The company offers a browser-based and mobile trading platform. The guaranteed stop loss feature allows you to prevent large losses.

№25. AvaTrade

The platform has been operating since 2006. Its monthly trade turnover is more than $ 60 billion. The head office of the company is registered in Dublin, Ireland. Representative offices have also been opened in France, Japan, China, Italy and Australia. 

The platform offers trading in bitcoins, Ethereum, stock indices, stocks, commodities, market indices and bonds. The user can trade with leverage. 

№26. IQ Option 

The trading platform allows you to earn both on the growth and on the depreciation of cryptocurrencies. The company is registered in Cyprus. The minimum size of the first Deposit is only $ 10. Users can trade with leverage up to 1: 1000.

The platform provides high security of user's funds storage.

№27. CoinDeal

The European cryptographic exchange supports transactions with more than 200 cryptocurrencies. It allows you to deposit and cash us dollars, euros, pounds and gold. "Cold" storage of coins protects the user's funds.

№28. BaseFEX

Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. It allows trading futures and swaps with large leverage up to x 100. Positions are calculated in bitcoins, even if the contract is concluded for another coin.

The Fee for the taker ranges from 0.07% to 0.2% of the trade amount. Discounts are available for large traders. Users can trade through the browser or special applications for iOS and Android.

№29. StockPoint 

A new trading platform registered in the European Union. It offers one of the lowest fees on the market; their size is only 0.05% of the transaction.

№30. BitMart

It offers users a wide range of trading tools: spot trading, contract, OTC and target trading.

№31. ItBit

New York crypto exchange has been operating since 2013. The site is available in English only. Support the trade with three pairs of cryptocurrency.

№32. CoinsBank

British exchange. Before the rebranding, it was called BIT-X. The trading platform allows you to perform operations with bitcoin, altcoins, as well as buy cryptocurrency prepaid cards.

№33. ShapeShift

Fast exchange registered in Switzerland. The platform provides an opportunity to buy different tokens and digital coins.

№34. EtherDelta

Decentralized exchange. Powered by Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts. Allows you to trade without intermediaries.

№35. OpenLedger

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, its work began in 2015. Created by a blockchain company from Denmark. The work is based on the BitShares blockchain technology.

№36. eСoin 

European cryptocurrency exchange, has been operating since 2014. Supports a small number of trading pairs, including bitcoin and litecoin coins.

№37. Bitsane

Irish cryptocurrency exchange. The company started its activity in 2017. Ripple was one of the first to launch trading.

In the ranking of cryptocurrency exchanges there are many sites from the United States. We recommend reading the article “Cryptocurrency Regulation in the USA" to learn more about the legislation and position of regulators in America.

There is no «one size fits all» cryptocurrency exchange and that is the beauty of it. A wide range of the options allows you to choose the exchange that will fit to your needs like a glove.  We recommend to cooperating with the top of the list, since these are the most reliable and proven platforms. Why not try yourself in trading? You can start with a demo account. Perhaps you would increase your capital.