Review of New Cryptocurrencies 2019

Judy Rubio

To underestimate newly appeared currencies, despite the fact that their huge number of them - is reckless. Paying attention to them, understanding and analyzing is very important for any crypto investor. In this article, you will find out which newcomers 2019 have received the most recognition of the community.

Gram (Telegram Open Network, TON)

The first place in our compilation belongs to a coin developed by Pavel Durov and his brotherThis cryptocurrency was the most discussed crypto project of 2018. In 2019, the first version of TON was already presented - and the hype has not calmed down. Why did the Telegram messenger need its own cryptocurrency?

Pavel Durov is the creator of the largest social network in Russia VKontakte and Telegram messenger. His name is strongly associated with the success of projects, both previous and planned. The first reason for creating Gram is the monetization of the messenger, the expansion of its capabilities and gaining financial independence.

The second reason has the same importance - this is security. The already well-protected Telegram will reach a whole new level thanks to the anonymity of cryptocurrencies.

In addition, Durov tried to introduce his own coin back in 2010, but then it did not cause due attention and interest. The idea was abandoned until the better times that have come now.

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

This cryptocurrency was developed by the person who created JavaScript (a programming language) and is a co-founder of Moziila Firefox, a popular browser. What features does the BAT have?

The coin was created on the basis of Ethereum, it can be used to gain access to various advertising services, for example, on the Brave platform (a new advertising system on the blockchain). The creators plan to reward tokens for users who viewed ads that were personally selected for them.

BAT can be considered a reward for attention from the user. But even if the user is not interested in receiving promotion for advertising, in any case, he gets an excellent browser for working on the Internet. In addition, the creators promise that pirated content and torrents will be blocked.

Perlin (Perl)

The project is a distributed system that allows users to lease computing power. Current cryptocurrency blockchains, according to the creators of Perlin, have limited scalability and spend a lot of resources on ensuring their work. The project itself will allow decentralized distribution of free capacities of any devices to the needs of customers. And scalability will be addressed using DAG technology and Avalanche consensus.

It was possible to participate in IEO of the project on the Binance exchange, having prepared for this exchange tokens - BNB. And the project easily broke the record for the number of BNBs that users collected on their accounts to try to access Perlin. In total, investors prepared $ 330 million in Binance tokens for the placement of tokens. The incredible hype around the project has not ceased to this day.

Among the new projects, there may be those pearls that will bring their investors in the medium and long term very significant profits. Keeping an eye on promising newcomers is vital. Therefore, in our article, we told you of one of the most discussed and interesting coins of 2019.