Stocks Trader Application Overview

Colin Baseman

Stocks Trader mobile app is designed to track stock quotes, display full-screen charts and monitor portfolios. To implement these features, the program uses push messages. The application provides direct access to many US brokers, it implements a trading simulator. Therefore, beginners can learn without the risk of losing their money.

Key Specifics of Stocks Trader

The application provides the following opportunities:

  • Chat. Users can communicate with other traders and investors. Chat is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can share your ideas and get acquainted with the ideas of others.
  • History. Each user can view his story: visited sections, made bets and much more.
  • View Filters. The user can order signals depending on their type and focus solely on active samples of stocks.
  • Diagrams. Users can see performance graphs that allow them to analyze their activities.
  • Push notifications. The icon displays the number of active signals. The user receives current messages from the system.
  • News. The user receives information about the latest news.
  • Notes. If desired, the user can indicate the reasons for choosing an asset.
  • Online trading signals. Trading signals are sent to the client, including relevant stop-loss orders (the system sometimes recommends them).
  • Charts. Charts with peak and target values ​​are provided to users. Annotations to them help you choose the time to enter and exit the market.

Stocks Trader Techniques and Strategies

 The application allows you to use the following tools:

  • Shares and funds. All instruments the platform works with are ranked on US exchanges such as NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX.
  • Active trading. Many of the proposed transactions are moving, some are realized within the day.
  • Accounting for macro trends. When choosing a deal, we take into account not only the current but also the global situation.
  • Using trailing stops. Compliance with risk management ensures the absence of large drawdowns.
  • The use of various types of transactions. The service provides recommendations on long-term and short-term positions.
  • Search for maximum benefits. With the help of technical analysis, we look for the best points to enter and exit positions.
  • Risk diversification. We recommend that you do not invest all your money in one tool, even the most reliable one. Otherwise, sooner or later serious losses will be recorded.

Stock Trader Pro  service will help you get professional trading recommendations. Its monthly cost is 19.99 dollars. When buying for a year, a discount is provided. Alternatively, you can use completely free software. In the article "Application Robinhood" you can read about the program with zero commissions.

Stocks Trader application helps to increase trading efficiency, reduce risks and receive qualified professional support. Users can communicate with each other, view their trading history, receive news and push notifications from the system, view graphs and much more.