StockTwits Application Overview

Judy Rubio

StockTwits is a social network for market participants. Its goal is to establish an exchange of thoughts between traders and investors, to help them simply and efficiently share their ideas online. In fact, the service is an improved model of the exchange messenger. He got a convenient platform and wide functionality.

Distinctive Features of StockTwits

Service is available since 2008. It positions itself as a platform for the exchange of ideas between participants. Thanks to it, cash tags, for example, $ AAPL, were popularized. According to the company, over a million users have registered on the resource. Most of them inform others about their investment and trading ideas online.

Using StockTwits, users can publish charts, messages about holding various promotions, as well as provide links to third-party resources. After this, ideas are combined into flows in separate directions.

A revolutionary solution on a social network is the use of “cash tags”. Thanks to them, stock tickers can be used as tags. 

Key Functions of StockTwits 

The StockTwits service has the following functionality:

  • Heatmaps
  • Streams
  • Social Data Aggregation


StockTwits does a great job of aggregating information and uses heatmaps to render views. With their help, you can explore popular sectors and effectively find active stocks in them. In the article “Robinhood Application” you will read about a good alternative to this program.

The application has the category of best stocks. It positions itself as a trend section: information on events is presented with a change in the level of social activity.


StockTwits broadcasts messages online, they can be sorted by specific tickers or a common topic. Criteria for sorting may be as follows: 

  • Featured
  • Graphs
  • Forex trading
  • Private companies
  • Trending
  • Stocks
  • Futures contracts

Technical flows can be used to create ideas. You can see them in pop-ups or in a browser. Streams for specific stocks allow you to learn about certain aggregated information, they are displayed in the sidebar. Market participants can monitor the volume of messages and the mood of traders over time.

The number of threads is determined by the users who post the message.

Social Data Aggregation 

The application works on the principle of "social scanner." It collects information about "cash tags" and combines it. As a result, users can search for stocks taking into account their social activity. Various filters help in this. Viewing them in one place provides the opportunity to create the best ideas for trading.

StockTwits social network is convenient and practical. Due to it, you can receive the most relevant information from market participants and quickly respond to it. In addition to generating ideas, the application contains entertaining materials and allows you to get acquainted with basic research. Why not share the time and explore the site personally? Perhaps you like some of the latest ideas, and you would decide to make money on them?