The best programs for mining

David Kemp

Regardless of what you decide to mine cryptocurrency on, you will not be able to start this process without the necessary software. Neither component nor ASIC will be able to bring you revenue if you do not ensure their proper operation.

What types of mining programs exist?

All the software that allows you to mine cryptocurrency is divided into three categories: 

  • Providing mining on the video card
  • Providing mining on the processor
  • Providing mining on other devices (ASIC, hard drives, etc.)

We will not describe these three methods, because, most likely, you have already chosen the right one for you. The choice remains precisely with the program, and now we will dwell on them in detail.

What functions do they have?

Most programs for mining, in addition to their direct purpose, have a number of nice features that facilitate and improve the process. We should point out the main of them:

  • Temperature control. Undoubtedly, one of the miner's worst enemies is overheating. Therefore, this opportunity is very useful for us.
  • Overclocking equipment. The function is certainly necessary, but it is worth remembering that it is not suitable for beginners. Overclocking a PC requires knowledge to carry out the process correctly.
  • Switch between equipment and coins.
  • Remote mining control and shutdown under user-defined conditions.

TOP 3 cryptocurrency programs for mining

There is enough software for miners, but we will consider only the one that is most popular with experienced coin hunters. 

CGMiner is the most popular program

Statistics show that the vast majority of miners select this particular program. Firstly, the unique difference between the program and the rest is that only it provides access to the source code.

Of course, this item is more interesting to programmers. But for the average user, this should demonstrate the openness and honesty of the developers. If experienced users had noticed fraudulent schemes in the source code, the program would have lost its reputation.

Secondly, the undeniable advantage is the convenient configuration of the program, which allows to managing mining parameters. In addition, CGMiner is compatible with all operating systems. It provides the ability to overclock devices and currency extraction in the background. 


The program is controlled through the console, which may not be entirely clear to beginners. But training will not be difficult if you devote some time to it.

Besides, this program is adapted for bitcoin - this minus seems to be unobvious, but significant for those who are aiming for altcoins.


And this program is already more functional in terms of different coins and much more accessible for beginners to understand.


  • Excellent reputation and the absence of any precedents like defaults or other problems. The company has been operating for more than 5 years, and it can be considered time-tested.
  • With the help of MinerGate, you can mine many cryptocurrencies. Multimining is a strong point of this program, so if you want to mine different coins, it suits you.
  • User-friendly interface that will be intuitive for any user. There is also an automatic switch between the most profitable coins.

Talking about MinerGate disadvantages, you should pay attention to the fact that mining performance will be lower than in the case of programs that are created for specific coins.

In general, this is a worthy program for those who want to earn money on cryptocurrency mining and devote a minimum of time to searching for coins and setting up equipment.

Ufasoft Miner

It is suitable both for mining on the processor and video card, effectively using their computing capabilities.

Program Benefits:

  • Mining flexibility - Ufasoft Miner allows you to mine multiple coins at the same time. Thereby, you can not focus on one specific currency.
  • Detailed instructions. This program is a console client and in order to use it, you will have to enter certain commands. This is a bit more complicated than using graphically designed programs, but dealing with Ufasoft Miner is easy.
  • Adjusting the use of device resources and temperature control is a significant advantage that not all programs have. With Ufasoft Miner you are 100% in control of the mining process manually.

To summarize, we would like to give you an advice - not to hung up on specific programs, even if they seem to you the best. The fact is that their number is growing, and the functions are updated and improved. It is very important to follow this area in order to keep abreast of the best software for mining various cryptocurrencies. In our article, we told you only about those programs that are the most popular.