The Book for All Crypto Enthusiasts to Read

Judy Rubio

Book reviews are quite helpful. They are useful for people who are striving to improve and gain more experience and knowledge. Sharing opinions, ideas, and thoughts is a rewarding thing for both authors and readers. This rule applies to the crypto community. Since the sector is expanding, it means that there are more and more new members entering this industry.

Also, we should bear in mind that blockchain technology keeps on growing and developing in many directions. This is a major reason for most participants to keep an eye on the latest trends and achievements. Fortunately, it is much easier to do when there are people who are ready to dedicate their time, write guides and directions to inform other community members about the nuances that need special attention.

Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced crypto enthusiast, many analysts suggest you should read an introduction to crypto. And one of the best sources would be The Little Book of Crypto written by Cal Evans.

Evans is said to be a great crypto lawyer who has been working for the most prominent crypto-focused law company. This allows us to believe that what the book presents is based on studies, research, and deep analyses. If you need a unique insight before starting your crypto journey, then this book is the right choice for you. Also, the book is not recommended for individuals under 18 since the material contains strong language.

Book That Has Achieved Its Aims

There are plenty of great points that make The Little Book of Crypto so special for all crypto enthusiasts willing to find out what is really occurring in the crypto world. Some professionals claim that the book could have been more compact and much shorter.

Critics say that some of the facts and statements in the book could have been described using fewer words. However, Evans does not seem to find it necessary to save the reader’s time. He is ready to spend more time with his audience; hence his books might feel too vague at times. The introduction takes up almost fifty pages and this, as we can see, is about twenty percent of the book. The rest eighty percent tell the audience about the author’s intention to achieve his major goal.

No doubt, there are plenty of subjective opinions about this book. Nevertheless, some of the people who have read it claim that it has helped them a lot – now they understand the crypto industry much better and can use the book as a useful guide while dealing with cryptocurrencies.

Another fact that many experts pay their attention to is that the writer is not a native English speaker. He didn’t find it necessary to use an editor and this is another issue that may bother more demanding readers.

However, it would have been great if the author had taken certain measures and hired a professional. We can keep on criticizing the author along with his written guide. Here the point is the content and the very idea. How useful the information might feel depends on your personal preferences, requirements, and needs. What would all agree with is that discovering new writers is always exciting.