Yahoo finance application overview

David Kemp

Yahoo Finance program is designed so that the user always receives the latest and accurate information about the situation on the exchange. And you can do this at any time. Extensive customization options allow you to receive notifications even when the mobile device is not used by the owner. Let's take a closer look at this modern application.

Key Features of Yahoo Finance

Key functions:

  • Simple and quick access to financial information
  • Financial information is graphically displayed
  • Ability to create tracking lists of shares of interest
  • Tracking of currencies, stocks, futures, indices, bonds, and other assets
  • Managing your portfolio with your phone

Yahoo Finance Functions

The “Market Data” button allows you to get a list of asset types. Comprehensive information is provided for them. For example, a user can select “Market Data”, then click “Shares” and go to the page with information on global and US indices, advances and trend tickers.

It is enough for the user to click on one element, after which the service will open a new page. It is all dedicated to the object of interest. Specific information can be found by the following methods: 

  • Click on a certain stock of market data
  • Click on the company name or symbol ticker in the "Quote Lookup" field

In the second case, the client will be directed to the home page of the selected stock. On the left in the menu he will be able to include the following items: Charts, Quotes, Coverage Analytics, Financial, News, Property and others. Below you can see a list of recent press releases and headlines with the possibility of switching to full stories. On the right is a description of the organization, its competitors, statistics and expert assessments. In the article “Stocks Trader Application”, you can read about how these functions are implemented in another similar program.

On the "Market Data" page there is a service "More than market statistics", which is located on the right. Here, users can find links to the stock research center, sifters, calendar of events and economic indicators. When you go to each page, you can get the required information and take advantage of new opportunities.

“My Portfolio” Service

This is an unusually convenient tool with which you can monitor the real portfolio or individual securities. Another possibility is to synchronize data with accounts. When forming a portfolio, you can add to the page almost all the information that may be useful to a trader or investor, including the securities that are owned and the purchase price. Portfolio synchronization with a mobile device improves the efficiency of intraday tracking.

Yahoo Finance app allows you to have comprehensive information about exchange-traded assets, futures, and derivatives. It provides he most relevant information about prices and trading result for its users. If you are interested in trading or investing, including in cryptocurrencies, try this application. It is free and easy to use.