NewsBlockchain Decentralization Finance Journalism Scholarship


NewsBlockchain Decentralization Finance Journalism Scholarship was designed to spread knowledge of cryptocurrency and decentralization ideas among the young generation by awarding deserving students who have a passion for journalism and believe that current financial system is unsustainable, not to mention unfare.

The recipient of the NewsBlockchain Decentralization Finance Journalism Scholarship will receive a personal invitation to receive a monthly stipend requiring lasting commitment to and interest in the various applications of the blockchain technology and the concept of decentralization.

Winners of the NewsBlockchain Decentralization Finance Journalism Scholarship will receive a unique opportunity to explore the inner workings of the media platform that’s operating in a highly competitive and fast-paced field. Their best articles will be published on the platform and distinguished as independent authors.

Who can apply

Applicants seeking degrees as enrolled college/university juniors, seniors, or graduate students are prioritized, though there are no strict year of need/age restrictions. Scholarships are awarded without regard to the person’s major or field of academic concentration.


Specifics regarding the applications for the scholarship can be found at the “Apply Here” button below. NewsBlockchain Decentralization Finance Journalism Scholarship will be awarded to 20 applicants who demonstrate the talent and passion for Journalism and keen interest in cryptocurrencies and their ability to make a world a better place.

Applications are made by via a google form. All entry materials must be in English.

About NewsBlockchain

NewsBlockchain is the premier news source for the blockchain and cryptocurrency community.

We are passionate about crypto world. That is why we had set out to create a unique source of news, analysis, and reviews regarding blockchain and cryptocurrencies that would be equally exciting to experts, professional traders, developers, and newcomers alike.

Currently, the bar for entrance in the industry is pretty high, and we feel that it’s unfair since digital currencies are best equipped to service those who can’t get that service otherwise.

Influencers and media create layers of complexity for the sake of complexity, and therefore, while, per se, a rather simple thing, cryptocurrency has an air of mystery interlaced with confusion around it. We aim to shred it, and the scholarship program, the details of which you can see above, is part of our ongoing efforts.