Neufund crowdfunding platform: advantages and disadvantages of the platform

Crowdfunding platform Neufund

24 Jan, 2020 Endy Callahan

In the autumn of 2016, work began in Berlin on the creation of the Neufund blockchain system. Its goal is to offer a unique environment for investment in projects through tokens. Crypto assets will simultaneously act as a currency and have the cost of capital of a company whose work is not connected with the blockchain and the Internet.

Neufund co-founder Zoe Adamovic said: "We are developing a fundamentally advanced tool. It provides an opportunity for token holders to have ownership in the blockchain network and be used as capital of enterprises whose activities are not related to the chain."

Distinctive features of Neufund system 

In the last year, the market began to operate a variety of platforms. ICO were held to attract investments in them. As a result of such popularity of the instrument, a separate segment appeared on the market. According to Zoya Adamovich, now is the best time for an alternative that can simplify the cooperation of startups and investors, as well as improve the exposure. In addition, we need a tool that would be available to business and would not be associated with blockchain technology.

The Neufund platform provides the following features:

  • Reserve cash for future investments in Neufund.
  • Control your investment decisions.
  • Reward Neu for storing cryptocurrency, getting a stake in the company.
  • If the money has not been invested, after a year and a half it can be returned in 100% quantity.
  • Ability to trade with Neu immediately after MNPK, withholding is not carried out.
  • Withdraw your funds with a 10 percent Commission at any time.

When it became obvious that blockchain tokens are a liquid and flexible instrument of proof of ownership, the idea to create Neufund appeared. This was accompanied by the understanding that smart contracts are a cheap way of financing with the involvement of tokens. The developers came up with the idea that it would be good to use crypto assets for off-chain financing. In the article "What is Neufund?" you can learn more about this system.

The advantages of the Neufund Platform

  • Stablcoin. For investment can be used EuroToken (EURT), which is rigidly pegged to the Euro and has a stable course. You can also use Ethereum to participate in the project.
  • Security. Three authentication systems and a secure wallet contract guarantee high protection against malicious activity.
  • On-chain management. Equity Token offerings are secured by investment agreements. They are similar to contracts of owners of the companies.
  • Standard KYC. Individuals and legal entities can invest. The system allows the use of procedures that are applied in banks and financial institutions. Examples include KYC / AML.

Neufund crowdfunding platform is a response to modern needs of business and investors. Because of it, startups will be able to use all the advantages of blockchain to attract financing. Investors will significantly expand the possibilities of investing funds. Thus, they will be able to Finance not only online projects, but also startups outside the network. If you have such a business, why not register it in the Neufund system?