Holo Cryptocurrency (HOLO): overview, rate and forecast

08 Dec, 2019 Judy Rubio

Holochain is a framework for distributed applications. The paculiar thing is, it is orientated on participants or agents, but not on data. Thanks to the special structure, it is possible to form various distributed databases on top of the network. The system even allows cloning of Bitcoin.

Holochain working principle

The cryptocurrency special structure allows its agents (nodes) running their own blockchain, connected to the public Holochain though the unique crypto key. All nodes must keep all network operations history and reach concensus to make the system work. This may effect its performance dramatically.

Holochain has not yet launched as a whole. That is why the company has used the ERC-20 token with abbreviation HOT during ICO. It is still being traded. Though, as soon as network works at full capacity, the asset should be changed to Holo.

Holochain software (hApps) is supported by Holo. The coin can also be used as a regular peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. The developer tries to keep the coins price stable. 

Holochain rate

The HOT token has benn launched in spring, 2018. From that time, its value is relatively stable. Back at 2018, many cryptocurrencies lost their positions. That is why such large price hikes abscence is notable.

In 2018, the token showed several rises, though it did not show a sharp value increase. However, in January 2019, the HOT token's price increased from 13 to 43 Satoshi. During that month, the owners of the coin could record a 210% increase!

This growth was a reaction to the roadmap publication for 2019, as well as to announcement regarding the use of Holo fuel instead of HOT tokens. The project community has become more enthusiastic at following the goals' implementation. Probably, the release of new Holochain versions will be accompanied by a subsequent cryptocurrency value increase. The most widely-known platform for trading HOT token is Binance.

Holo cryptocurrency forecast

The Holochain project is somewhat similar to the Walton platform concept - forming a special ecosystem for business. Though, Holo token is relatively cheap, besides it is lesser-used by the crypto community. This provides good opportunities for price hikes in the future.

Following the news around the coin, as well as keeping track on market situation as a whole is more than preferable for those, whishing gaining profits from investing in Holo. The reason is that Bitcoin rate changes affect on the altcoins quotes ("What is altcoin?" article gives details on this kind of digital coins). It is recommended to invest in Holo in medium and long terms.

Holochain shows that it has its own view on distribution systems and the project is not afraid to stand out from the blockchain crowd. This has made the platform favorite among crypto enthusiasts. 2019 could be strategically important for the project: in case of success, Holochain could compete even with Ethereum. These are definitely just plans and potential. On the other hand, one may make a small investment into the token and fix good profits in case of significant rate increase.