Bounty ICO: types and choice of company

What is a Bounty ICO?

15 Dec, 2019 David Kemp

Promotion of any project is a difficult and long term process. Developers use various means for this. One of them is the Bounty Campaign. Many users are happy to participate in such programs.

Types of Bounty Campaigns

Users get the opportunity to get tokens for certain actions for free. They don’t need to spend their money to get cryptocurrency into their wallet. In the article “What are tokens?” you can read more about them and their features.

Bounties are of the following types:

  • Promotion in social networks. These can be various actions on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networks. Evaluation is based on the number of likes, reposts, views, and comments.
  • Links in Bitcointalk signatures. Many ICOs offer this opportunity. The startup offers a signature in which the hyperlink is embedded. The number of clicks on it determines the level of reward. To participate in such programs, the user status must be at least Member.
  • Writing articles. This program is designed for blog authors who are visited by tens of thousands of users. When publishing promotional articles about a startup, the project is ready to charge tokens for free. The amount of the reward depends on the number of comments and the popularity of the materials.
  • Finding mistakes. This action is intended to help developers. A well-written error report allows you to accurately identify the problem with the platform and software. Further, the developer will not be difficult to eliminate it.
  • Translation into other languages. Developers can motivate the community to translate all startup-related documentation into other languages ​​and to moderate discussions on forums. Usually, users are expected to translate the company’s website, White Paper, and the topic branch to Bitcointalk.

How to choose Bounty program 

Someone may ask: why choose Bounty program if participation in it is free? The answer is simple - so as not to waste time on things that will not bring profit. When choosing a company, it is necessary to evaluate the following factors:

  • Specificity and correctness of the job description. It's important to be sure what developers expect. A mistake can lead to the fact that the work will not be paid in any way.
  • The number of registered program participants. With an increase in their number, the proportion of each decrease.
  • Reliability of ICO. There are many scammers in the market of companies that work in the field of cryptographic technologies. Therefore, it is important to carefully research startup data.
  • Qualification for this assignment. You need to agree only if you are completely sure that you will finish the job.  

Bounty campaigns allowed many people to earn thousands of dollars. Why not to try to play yourself in this area? First, select the appropriate project and begin to carry out the required actions. You do not risk your money. And in some cases, it takes just only a couple of clicks!