What is hashrate?

12 Feb, 2020 Endy Callahan

Hashrate is an index used for cryptocurrency mining equipment’s power and productivity determination. The parameter is very important. The final decision on mining equipment purchase is often made on its basis.

More about hashrate

Hashrate refers to mathematical operations completed by user's equipment. It determines the income from mining. The system’s total productivity is often called hashrate as well. With the parameter increase, the probability of generating a new block and getting a reward increases as well. When mining bitcoin, hashrate determines the transactions speed.

Hashrate is measured in hash units per second (h/s). A large number of incorrect calculation values needs be obtained in order to get the required hash. This is why the parameter is quite large. Kilohash, megahash and gigahash per second are most commonly used.

What network hashrate is and why it is important

Network hashrate is any blockchain’s key parameter. It determines the protection level against external interference. Security is a priority for digital currencies. It is provided by miners. Mathematical calculations are done in new blocks with the help of special equipment.

The miners get coins generated by the system as a reward for their work. This covers the electricity expenses and modern equipment purchase. Mining may provide opportunities for getting steady income. The higher the hashrate is, the lower are miners’ earnings, since all of them share the blocks provided by the system.

What affects hashrate

The hashrate is influenced by various parameters, including the mining digital coins algorithm. Thus, some hardware is more efficient when working with the SHA algorithm rather than Scrypt. The computing machine’s specifications have a significant influence. The specifications may differ depending on the manufacturer.

You need to study the data on different devices' power carefully in case you are planning to master mining. This will let you choose the best option for efficiency and payback. Another important parameter when choosing mining equipment is taking into consideration the cryptocurrencies you plan to mine. With its popularity, the number of miners is increasing as well. The large quantity of miners results in the hashrate network increase, as well the work complexity.

The mining profitability can be easily predicted by using special calculators. It is necessary to specify the equipment’s name or hashrate. It is important to keep in mind that the final result is approximate. The best way would be using various calculators to see the overall trend. 

Network hashrate is a very important mining indicator. It shows the cryptocurrency mining complexity and affects the miners' rewards. This is why before entering this market beginners should analyze the hashrate and establish the new business feasibility. Some of the coins are still quite promising. Why not try to try earning on mining them?