Neufund: opportunities and prospects of cryptocurrency

What is Neufund?

11 Dec, 2019 Colin Baseman

Neufund cryptocurrency is not just another digital crypto asset. It provides blockchain projects with a unique platform that has not been implemented before. Let's learn more about the specifics of Neufund.

What is Neufund System

The token is a reflection of the capitalization of the crowdfunding platform, which is based on blockchain technology. It is based on Ethereum blockchain. Honest working conditions are achieved through the use of smart contracts.

Neufund platform allows each organization to tokenize its assets and attract investments by issuing a token. They are called Neufund Equity Token Offering (ETO). Crypto asset is a hybrid investment model that combines the strengths of IPO, ICO and Venture Capital. As a result, the token becomes an excellent solution to create ecosystems for individual products and companies.

Opportunities and Prospects for Neufund

The platform offers great opportunities for investors and business owners. With its help, a startup, individual or company can attract investment funds for the development of the project. If the investor does not have a lot of money but wants to invest in promising areas, Neufund will help achieve this goal. The platform team sets the key tasks to accelerate innovation, increase the culture of entrepreneurship and remove barriers to raising funds. 

The cost of Neufund increases along with attracted investments. It is reflected by the NEU token, it is what investors receive when investing money. Therefore, the more customers buy a coin, the more rosy the prospects for the platform. In the article Is it profitable to invest in Neufund? you will read about the development potential of the platform and the possibilities of earning on it.

NEU Token Value

The value of a crypto asset depends on the payment of interest and participation in investing. As a result, coin holders gain economic ownership of the network.

  • From a successful ETO, the cancellation of collection is deducted from the attracted investment funds. Then received money is distributed among NEU owners depending on the number of tokens owned.
  • When implementing the same ETO, a small fee is deducted from the total number of purchased tokens.

As a result, NEU connects investors and companies. Each side of the transaction receives benefits, which leads to an increase in the value of the token. The cryptocurrency allocated 3% for the bounty campaign.

Neufund crowdfunding platform is a convenient modern mean for attracting investments in various projects. The system aims to prevent fraudulent transactions, but this does not always work. Therefore, you need to carefully study the proposed projects. The platform is easy to use. Due to it, investors can invest even the smallest amount in projects.