What is Sigmapool?

What is Sigmapool?

10 Dec, 2019 Colin Baseman

How to register an account with Sigmapool

For registering, the following steps should be completed:

  1. Visit the pool btc.sigmapool.com.
  2. Enter your e-mail, login and password. Confirm you are not a robot and enter the captcha. Click "Register".
  3. Confirm your registration by going through the link sent to your email.
  4. Make sure that the site displays a message confirming your account has been successfully activated and is ready to be used.
  5. Press the "Login" button you find on top of the website, specify the e-mail, password and captcha. Afterwards, click "Login".
  6. You need to read the license agreement and confirm it during your first authorization.
  7. It is recommended to set-up 2-factor authentication. This will increase your account’s protection from being hacked.
  8. Click "Activate" in the "Security" section, go to your e-mail and follow the link in the letter. 

When the account is registered, the mining itself can be configured. The service provides the detailed instructions, so even the beginner avoids potential problems with setting the parameters.

Payments at Sigmapool

Sigmapool gives users the opportunity to select one of 2 payment types: FPPS or PPS. The commission is included in the block in the first option. The second type will allow the miner to get a reward for liquid shares sent to the pool. In this case miners get guaranteed incomes since they get a reward for the work done on block decoding. The article "Mining farm in 2020" will help on calculations whether it is reasonable to start mining cryptocurrency at this certain time.

Advantages of Sigmapool

The offered pool has a number of obvious advantages:

  • Website presented in several languages. English is the default language.
  • Technical support in several languages. Most users can get help in the most preferable and convenient way.
  • Payments are made through various cryptocurrencies. The user himself chooses the most applicable one.
  • The chance to increase earnings by downloading a special file.
  • The pool’s payments are guaranteed.
  • Earned coins are easy to track and verify.
  • There are no additional fees for newcomers.

Sigmapool provides with the opportunities for convenient and comfortable earning on cryptographic currency. The service is easy to set up, though technical support is always there to offer help if needed. Payments are made per the accrued shares. Which is why the profit is accrued several times per minute. We strongly recommend you to start with Sigmapool in case you are planning to earn on mining. Many people are giving positive feedbacks about it.